Stephen Colbert Reacting To Donald Trump's Gross Comments Is Dad Perfection

1. As you likely know, on Friday the Washington Post unearthed a 2005 recording of Donald Trump saying truly unacceptable things about how he treats women.

Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

“Grab them by the pussy,” Trump said, for example.

2. And the news broke before Stephen Colbert was able to record a segment about it for his show.

3. As such, he uploaded a recording of himself watching the footage, so we could all have one good thing to smile about.


4. His facial reactions are basically what all of us were doing as we listened.

5. And his questions were also all of our questions. “What does ‘move’ mean?” — still unanswered

7. But the best part came after he finished watching, and had some final thoughts:

8. “Trump says in the video, ‘When you’re a star, they let you get away with anything.’ And unfortunately that’s true, because Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. Hopefully someday he’ll be telling the story of how he tried to fuck America, and failed.”

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