Skinny Jeans Won’t Die in 2021—7 Trendy Outfits Worth Trying

While there are a range of forward denim cuts that enter the spotlight each season (cue wide-leg silhouettes), skinny jeans continue to hold strong as a classic pick. Sure, the silhouette can sometimes be polarizing in nature, but skinnies really are more or less a timeless option at this point. So yep, skinny jeans most likely won’t be going anywhere in 2021—regardless of the fresh denim trends that will increase in popularity amongst the fashion crowd next year.

On that note, we thought we’d provide you a bit of visual inspiration. Below you’ll uncover a smattering of trendy outfits worth trying if you love skinny jeans or are ready to introduce them into your wardrobe. Here, we’re talking everything from polished looks with blazers to more casual ensembles featuring cozy staples. Keep scrolling for more. You’ll also find inspired shopping picks sprinkled throughout as well.

This outfit is no-fail with the slouchy blazer, skinny jeans, and flat boots.

A shacket is a new staple that looks especially chic with a turtleneck and jeans.

You can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt and skinny-jean combo. Add a chain necklace, and you’re set.

Wear a cardigan as a top with your trusty jeans.

Tuck your favorite white blouse into skinnies with knee-high boots for a very modern silhouette.

A trench coat over skinnies and a simple top is easy and elevated.

Embrace white skinny jeans with a knit polo, blazer, and sneakers.

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