Shh, It’s a Secret: Zara Is Low-Key My #1 Go-To for Buying Jeans

I live in an apartment the size of some people’s master bathrooms, and yet, I still manage to make room for what many would argue are way too many pairs of jeans. Apart from shoes, denim is, without a doubt, the fashion item that I own the most styles of, with everything from vintage Levi’s to $300+ designer denim lining the top shelf of my closet. That being said, neither are responsible for my all-time favorite pairs.

The brand that is? Zara. I’ve talked up the Spanish fashion brand for as long as I can remember, ever since I first stepped foot into one of its brick-and-mortar stores way back in middle school. Now, I frequent them as often as possible, testing out products and seeing what new trends they’ve come up with since the last drop a few days prior. But while trends are what Zara is known for, they’re not what I believe the brand does best. Rather, it’s denim that Zara excels at most. 

To prove that you don’t need to spend upwards of $150 for jeans that fit great and look even better, I test-drove a few of Zara’s latest denim styles, from straight-leg to mom jeans.

Zara has a lot of good jeans in its new collection, but none quite compare to this classic straight-leg style, which comes in a dark wash and a black wash, and are as close to perfect as a pair of jeans can get. Tight in the butt, loose in the legs, these mid-rise, non-stretch jeans are well worth spending $46 on.

A pair of black, straight-leg jeans deserve a place in every person’s wardrobe. 

This rise is perfect for anyone who’s tired of super-high-rise jeans but not quite ready to go the low-rise route. 

After trying on multiple pairs of Zara’s new wide-leg jeans, I came to realize why exactly last year’s version from Zara were such a hit on TikTok. With a super high rise, a wide (but not too wide) leg, and two perfectly placed knee rips, Zara’s just-released Ripped Wide-Leg Jeans are about to go viral. I can feel it. 

This wash is somehow both rugged and elevated.

If you like a high-rise jean, you’ll love these.

I’ve tried on $350+ jeans that look and feel just like these.

Just wait until TikTok gets ahold of these.

Though cropped jeans with a wider leg aren’t usually my style—I prefer a longer silhouette to elongate my legs—I couldn’t wait to try out these new sailor-style jeans, specifically because of the luxe-looking colors they come in. From chocolate brown to hunter green, these cool shades are changing my mind about culottes.

This is one Canadian tuxedo that I can get behind.

Another pair of black jeans can never hurt a wardrobe.

To anyone who already owns these: I’m green with envy.

These are giving strong French sailor vibes.

Colored jeans just got cool again.

Basically my entire 2022 wardrobe is chocolate brown. Can you blame me?

It’s official: mom jeans have surpassed trend status and are now timeless. Well, at least this pair from Zara is. Just like the pair in every photo of your mom from the ’80s, these have almost zero stretch, a high-rise, and a slightly tapered leg. In other words, they’re perfect.

Spring will be here in no time.

Pair these with combat boots.

An everyday staple.

Everyone will think these are vintage.


The ultimate ’80s-inspired denim. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of skinny jeans. Truly, I feel blessed that Gen Z finally got rid of them. That said, I don’t have the same distaste for slim-fit jeans, which lack the super-stretchy feel of skinnies while maintaining their flattering, fitted silhouette. 

I love how simple yet stylish this styling is. 

Wear these with boots, heels, clogs, or flats. Seriously, they go with everything.

No thrift-digging necesary.

Everyone needs at least one light-wash pair of jeans.

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