See The Beautiful Mansion That Durk & India Defended w/ GUNS!! (Pics)

Yesterday news broke that Lil Durk and his girlfriend, India Cox, are unharmed after reportedly getting into a shootout with gunmen outside their Georgia home, MTO News confirmed.

Durk and India were victims in an home invasion early Sunday morning. The invasion reportedly ended in a shootout where both India and Durk discharged their firearms.

Neither of the two were hurt during the incident, and it is unclear who targeted and entered their home. 

But MTO News has a ton of details about the home invasion, that make it look like they were targeted by professional assassins.

Baby Face Killer NYC – WHAT IS GOING ON??

Baby Face Killer NYC (; 0:34)

First off, Durk and India live in a well secure gated community on a Golf Course outside Atlanta. MTO News learned that the community has armed guards, and is completely walled off from the public – so the intruders had to evade the golf course’s security, before they could get to Durk’s house.

Here’s pics of Durk’s house:

And there’s more. According to social media reports, the alleged home invaders had automatic rifles, and were wearing night vision goggles.

When the initial report surrounding this incident were leaked, they all said that that the FBI “raided” the rappers’ home. Later on, the reports changed – and focused on the attempted home invasion robbery.

But according to the social media reports, seen by MTO News, the FBI was called to Durk’s home – because of the nature of the invaders, and the sophistication of their equipment.

The couple spent $595,000 on their mansion less than a year ago.