Saweetie DUMPS Quavo, After He Spent $2M On Her; ‘He Undervalued Me’!!

The relationship between rappers Saweetie and Quavo is officially over, MTO News confirmed. For the last year, Quavo and Saweetie seemed like the perfect hip hop couple. The Migos star would lavish Saweetie with gifts, and public compliments – but that wasn’t enough for Saweetie.

MTO News spoke with one of Saweetie’s friends, who broke down why the two split.

The insider told MTO News, “Quavo] is cool, but he undervalued Saweetie. He had to know that she is one of the most [sought after] women in the game.”

The fired continued, “I know he gave her gifts, and spent time with her – but he could have done more.”

Quavo Buys Saweetie A Bentley (; 0:16)

When we asked specifically what “more” Saweetie was looking for, the friend said, “More everything. More gifts, more romance, spend more time together.”

MTO News did a bit of math and Quavo has spent approximately $2 million in gifts and vacations for his bae, in just the past 12 months. Quavo bought her a $300,000 watch for Christmas, a $350,000 Bentley for her birthday, and more than $50,000 in flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s Saweetie bragging about all the gifts that she’s finessed out of men in a new episode of a Youtube show: