Satchel and Jackson Lee Kick Off Award Season in Style

After the longest year ever, award season is finally back, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with stylish sibling duo Satchel and Jackson Lee. Though their names may sound familiar (their parents are director Spike Lee and producer Tonya Lewis Lee), their roles as the 2021 Golden Globe Ambassadors are somewhat of a rite of passage for children of Hollywood’s elite. Previous ambassadors include Dakota Johnson, the Stallone sisters, and even Laura Dern, which means there are certainly big things in store for the Lees long after this award season concludes. 

Satchel, 26, and Jackson, 23, currently live in New York City and will be joining tonight’s bicoastal broadcast from the East Coast. In a year of undeniable challenges and creative uses of technology (hello, Zoom press junkets), this Golden Globes ceremony is notable for two major firsts: Jackson, who recently launched creative agency Indigo, is the first Black male ambassador in the show’s history, and Satchel, a photographer and writer, is the first ambassador to openly identify as queer. With the Hollywood Foreign Press Association currently under scrutiny for its lack of diversity in membership—and, as a result, several shocking snubs—this is one tiny step toward advancing representation in every facet of the industry.

Despite their busy schedules, we were lucky enough to catch up with the Lee siblings as they got ready for tonight’s ceremony. Both will be wearing custom looks by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, but their personal styles will undoubtedly shine through in the form of accessories, glam, and, of course, a few special touches. 

Catch up with Satchel and Jackson below, and tune into the 78th annual Golden Globes tonight on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

For those who may not know, what is the role of a Golden Globe Ambassador?

SL: In previous years, the role of the Golden Globe Ambassador was to help assist in the handing out of the trophies as well as bring attention to an organization of your choice. This year, I’m partnering with Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

It’s safe to say the Golden Globe Awards will look a little different this year. How will you be involved in the festivities?

SL: We won’t be handing out awards this year. Health and safety are the priority here, but be sure to catch us in the pre-show. During the telecast, we will have an on-stage moment to discuss our respective organizations. We also created a video introducing ourselves to the world for the official HFPA pre-show on Twitter: The HFPA Presents: #GlobesCountdown Live, starting tonight at 6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT on @GoldenGlobes.

JL: This year we really focused on the charitable work we’ve been doing, which for me has been with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. 

Tell us a little about what you’ll be wearing to the show?

SL: I’m wearing a custom Gucci dress. The team at Gucci was really amazing to work with and worked very hard to make sure the gown was to my liking. I wanted to feel grown and very New York. The gloves give it drama. They really make the gown more of a conceptual piece which is what I’m all about. I feel like it tells a story. Who is this gloved vision in black with the crystal florets? Oh yeah, it’s me. 

I have on 5-inch platform shoes which is incredible because I need every bit of height I can get. And they’re super comfortable. 

JL: I’m wearing an outfit I designed with Gucci and their creative team. 

How many options did you go through before settling on your look?

SL: I was given maybe five sketches of dresses to choose from. I quickly narrowed it down to two. I chose this one because it felt the most fun and different and I really wanted to have fun with this outfit since I haven’t gotten dressed up in a year. 

JL: We probably went through three or four sketches, but when I saw the final sketch, I knew it was the one.

How would you describe your personal style in general?

SL: My style is pretty casual. I’ve been wearing the same jeans for two weeks straight and I’m just cycling through different sweaters and t-shirts. I love fashion and style but in a day-to-day situation, I’m going for comfort and ease. 

JL: I would say I have a pretty standard uniform, however I do like to mess around with different silhouettes. 

Where will you be getting ready?

SL: We are getting ready at my parents’ house in Manhattan. 

Do you have any getting ready rituals before attending big events like this?

SL: I make sure I say positive affirmations in my head all day. I want to exude confidence so I have to pump myself up. 

JL: I’ll be listening to music and getting in my zone. 

What’s on your getting ready playlist?

SL: Lots of Mariah Carey. Chloe x Halle. Beyoncé and Jay- Z. 

JL: Also, “Man On the Moon III by Kid Cudi” and “NASSIR by Nas”                    

What are you most excited about going into the show?

SL: Being a Golden Globe Ambassador is a really great honor and it’s wonderful to be inducted into such a special group. And to be able to bring more attention to the incredible work that Callen-Lorde is doing is a privilege for me. 

JL: The most exciting part of going into the show is being given the chance to represent my people and community that has so often been overlooked.                                                              

Did your dad give you any great advice for tonight?

SL: Both of our parents just told us to have fun and enjoy the moment. 

JL: Both of my parents give great advice. THey said to enjoy it, be present, and take this opportunity to help as many people as we can.

The 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards will air LIVE coast to coast on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021, from 5-8 p.m. PT/8-11 p.m. ET on NBC with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

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