Sam Heughan's Already Covered In Blood On The Set Of “Outlander” Season 3

1. As you may recall, the Season 2 finale of Outlander wrecked us all.

A pregnant Claire traveled back to the dreaded 1940s/Frank era to avoid being killed in the Battle of Culloden.

2. The season ended on a slightly less heart-shattering note, when Claire found out Jamie had actually survived the Battle of Culloden — so she obviously has to get her ass back to the 1700s.

3. And now Starz has gifted us with a first glimpse of production on Season 3! Look at Sam Heughan being painted with blood like a stoic Greek god!

Aimee Spinks / Starz Entertainment, LLC

4. And, yes, they’re definitely filming the Battle of Culloden. Because we were also gifted with a video of Heughan on set for the first day of shooting.

5. Totally get that this is the first day of filming, but we’re gonna need a release date NOW.

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