Sada Baby Apologizes To Lil Nas X: It Was Over The Devil Shoes!!

Rapper Sada Baby has apologized to Lil Nas X for wishing death on him.

He posted on Instagram that he asked the Lord to take Lil Nas X instead of DMX… and his post upset a lot of people.


#blackAF Instagram Trailer (; 0:14)

He addressed the post in a recent video.

“I said what I said about that motherf*ckin’ post because of the shoes. That’s it. The devil shoes, the devil in the video, giving the devil a lapdance, all that type of sh*t. That sh*t wild, that sh*t crazy. That’s not never gonna be no sh*t that I sympathize with, empathize with, or agree with. But I wasn’t wishing death on blood for real, nobody want a n*gga dead.”

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He continued: “What you showing to kids is you giving the devil a lapdance. And I don’t want to walk in a room anywhere with any of my family and see any of the kids in my family imitating what they seen that video in any way. But yeah, I apologize to lil buddy if he feel I wanted him dead.”