Rihanna Knows What to Wear to Make Baggy Jeans Look Chic

If you’re one of the many who have ditched your skinny jeans in favor of baggy ones, welcome to the other side. And if you’re wondering, now what?, just ask Rihanna. What to wear with baggy jeans can honestly be a bit of a head-scratcher. They can easily look sloppy but if you prefer to look more polished when wearing them, there’s a way, and Rihanna just nailed it while heading out to dinner in NYC.

With her baggy, ripped jeans, Rihanna wore a structured oversized blazer and square-toe loafers. By opting for sophisticated pieces with the jeans, she struck the perfect cool-chic balance. Her look can easily be replicated just by pairing any structured oversized blazer you own and loafers or other polished shoes. You can’t go wrong with this combination—mark my words. 

If you just found your new favorite baggy jeans outfit, you can thank Rihanna and scroll to shop the pieces needed to create this chic look.

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