Rickey Smiley: Kirk Franklin Should Not Have Apologized!!

Rickey Smiley has revealed that he does not think Kirk Franklin should have apologized after footage of him cursing out his son, Kerrion Franklin, was leaked online.


Kirk Franklin Curses Out His Son (; 1:33)

“Cut ’em off parents! Whoever said blood is thicker than water is the biggest lie that’s ever been told. It’s people that’s not related to you who will show you more love and respect than your own biological kids or nieces or nephews or cousins or mama or daddy. Family is people who you surround yourself with who give you love and affection. That’s your family. You get to create your family. You don’t get to choose who you’re biologically related to but you get to create who you surround yourself with.”

He continued, “Stop kissing these kids’ ass just because they’re yours or trying to overcompensate for their lack of — father not being there, mother not there. Love who loves you. Love yourself enough to not get disrespected by no negro! Whether they’re yours or not, cut ’em off!”

Is he right?