‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams: Marlo Hampton Is A Clout Chaser!!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams says she believes Marlo Hampton is a “clout chaser.”

Porsha was annoyed with Marlo for repeatedly bringing up the Bolo situation.

 “Some people are clout chasers like that and if she thought that Kenya was gonna be able to ruin my name, ruin me and bring me down, then she was gonna go on the next most powerful thing. And that’s who she thought Kenya was.”

She continued, “The same way she rode NeNe’s coattail for years. Okay? Years.”


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It seems even Kandi Burruss is on Porsha’s side: 

“I didn’t understand why did Marlo feel like it was so important that Porsha shared everything with her? Because let’s be for real. All friends don’t tell each other everything they’ve got going on in their bedroom. I didn’t think it was anything wrong with Marlo asking, but she’s not guaranteed an answer,” Kandi said during the After Show. “Just because Porsha doesn’t necessarily want to answer her doesn’t mean that they’re not friends. It just means that y’all are not friends on the level of her sharing everything with you.”