‘RHOA’s Marlo Hampton Responds To Porsha Williams: You Gettin’ Too Slick Out The Mouth!!

Marlo Hampton has responded to Porsha Williams calling her a clout chaser.

She says Porsha needs to be quiet before she spills the real tea abut what happened between Porsha and stripper Bolo.

“I don’t know what the f*ck Porsha did in that bedroom — I wasn’t in there. But bitch you gettin too slick out the mouth…” she said on Hollywood Unlocked.


RHOA Season 13 Trailer (; 1:00)

“Bitchch how am I clout chasing? I bring the clout,” she continued. “Like how the f*ck am I clout chasing? Are you f*cking forreal? What you need to do homegirl — cause I know you’re at home watching this or you got your [fans] watching this for you — leave me alone, okay? Before I really f*cking tell what happened and what I really saw, okay? Leave me alone.”

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Marlo added: “Don’t make me any more of your storyline, we’re off-season right now Porsha. Leave me be — we good ma. You’ve shown me you are a fake a*s friend. We’ve good diva, leave me alone before the Saint Pete come out me, okay?”

Is it time for Marlo to tell the business?