R&B Singer Usher Accused Of Shoplifting; Called A ‘Thief’ & ‘Booster’

Earlier this week, R&B singer Usher was accused of tipping Las Vegas strippers with fake money. Now, MTO News has learned, the R&B singer is being accused of shoplifting.

Two former employees of high end boutiques took to social media, to describe alleged incidents with Usher. And both clerks have disturbingly similar accounts – where they claim Usher attempted to “boost: clothing from their shops.

The first person to put Usher on blast is a Los Angeles former clerk named Brian Jimenez, According to Brian, when he worked at a high end retailer, Usher attempted to “boost” a jacket.

Here’s his account.


Usher Raymond at Gleasons Gym (; 0:59)

Shortly after Brian told his story, another former clerk  this time a woman named Patty from New York gave her account. According to Parry, Usher walked into the high end Soho store The Atrium, where she worked. She claims that Usher attempted to steal from them.

Here’s whats he had to say: