Raz B Says He Created The Millenium Tour

Raz B is claiming that he is the mastermind behind the Millenium Tour.

Michael Jackson asked me before he died, he said, ‘Who owns the name B2K?’ I was woke up at 3 am to go to Michael Jackson’s last video, “You Rock My World,” he says in the clip.

He continued, “Let me give y’all some game n*gga. Ain’t none of y’all got more money than me. None of y’all n-ggas. Real talk, thank you. That Millenium Tour, I created that. Me, I bought the trademark.”

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The singer walked away from the tour more than two years ago after claiming that he felt unsafe because Chris Stokes was also on the tour.

Raz B has alleged Stokes sexually abused them when they were children.

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“Raz-B is actually off the tour. I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around. So guess what? I’m off the tour. Good luck to everybody,” he said at the time.


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