Rapper Turk Alludes To Cheating w/ A Man In Jail!!

Rapper Turk sat down for an interview with DJ Vlad — and seems to allude to cheating on his wife with a man.

“I was cheating in prison, Vlad. You probably like, ‘How you cheat in prison?’ People don’t understand the only thing you can’t do in prison is go home. But you have access to any and everything. She still stood down with me … I cheated with my girl in prison,” he said.

“I just want to clarify, because people gonna go crazy in the comments, you cheated with woman,” Vlad asked him.

“I cheated, man, I cheated. If you want to know how I cheated, go to lulu.com and buy the book,” Turk said.

Apparently, the details are in his memoir.

The rapper also said that every man plays gay games with their male homies.


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“Every male has some type of gay game — penitentiary game — that they play with their homies. N*ggas not going to mention it, not going to say it, because of social media … but every n*gga like ‘damn n*gga you sexy today.'”