Rapper Layzie Bone Shows Off Her New Teeth

Rapper Layzie Bone showed his new teeth off on Twitter and revealed that he had them done because of the insecurities he was carrying.

In the chair, the nervous-looking rapper can be seen waiting for the dental surgeon to hand him a mirror so he can see his new pearly whites.


YFN Lucci Destoyed Teeth (; 1:05)

“I went from this smile and having a ton of insecurities which none of you onlookers would have never knew about me. I am learning to love myself more than I ever have,” he captioned the post.

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Layzie continued, “To take care of myself better than I ever have. My fight has always been for equality amongst my peers and humankind in general. I am humbled and feel extremely blessed to share this moment. Thank you @clearchoicedental thank everybody that has supported me and what I stand for. Now keep the camera rolling because this half of my life is a movie that I intend on getting the Oscar for. ✊🏽 say Cheeze Burna 🙏🏽”