Rapper Chika: Blueface Farts On The Mic!!

Rising rapper Chika stepped into a Twitter conversation about the expectations of women rappers compared to that of their male counterparts — and took a jab at west coast rapper Blueface.

 “Women aren’t allowed to be mediocre… not in rap… have to be a frickin monster just to even get a chance,” a fan wrote. 

Chika then responded: “exaaactly. we can’t slack because we’re already at a disadvantage since hip hop is male dominated. meanwhile, blueface literally farts on the mic each and every time, and can exist in the genre with no problem. show me the female him with and equal amount of success.”

She then doubled down on her statement, adding: “and that’s not shade. it’s a fact.”


Blueface & 2 GF’s On IG Live (; 1:00)

She also shut down a rapper who tried to defend Blueface: “This is a misogynist take. the women rapping about their pussy can stay on beat & you’re comparing them to someone who lacks the #1 skill required to be a rapper. you don’t see a problem with that?” she tweeted.

Is she right?