Rapper Brags About Shooting Opps In Viral Hit; Put Him In Wheelchair! (‘U Miss Ur Knees’)

A disturbing new hip hop song is set to be released by a popular rapper named Coby Sosaa from Savannah, Georgia.. MTO News learned that Coby is set to release a diss track, geared towards his opps.

It’s the latest in a new genre of music – which MTO News is calling ‘DEMON DRILL’ – where rappers openly brag about crimes they committed, and troll their victims.

MTO News confirmed that the song uses the catchy Mariah Carey ‘We Belong Together’ beat, to deliver some of the most disrespectful hip hop lyrics to ever come out of the State of Georgia.

And in the track, Coby appears to admit to shooting his opps with a “Draco” automatic rifle – and putting him in a wheelchair. The alleged victim, Malik, is called out by name in the song.

According to Coby’s lyrics in the new song, he was associated with a group that pulled up on Malik and shot him in the knees. Now Malik is allegedly in a wheelchair.

Coby Sosaa coldly sings he “hopes Malik misses his knees.” Cold blooded.


Rapper Brags About Shooting Opps; Put Him In Wheelchair (; 0:26)