Rapper BIG BOOGIE Arrested For SHOOTING Rival In Mississippi!!

Top Louisiana rapper Big Boogie was among 24 people arrested for a shooting that occurred on a Mississippi highway Thursday afternoon, MTO News has confirmed. 

According to reports, one person was wounded after shots were allegedly fired from several vehicles on the interstate. 

Officers were able to stop some of the vehicles on hwy 6. Police told the media that four cars were impounded and a gun, drugs and cash was confiscated. 


Big Sean & DJ Khaled On Live (; 1:03)

Police have not revealed what charges, if any, Big Boogie is facing. This is not the first time Big Boogie has been linked to any shooting case. Just 9 months ago, 2 people were fatally shot in one of his concerts.

Big Boogie, real name John Lotts, is a 24 year old rapper from Lousiana, but he’s currently based in Memphis. He is popularly known for his songs, ‘Mental Healing’, ‘Message To the Artist’, ‘Off The Porch’ etc.