“Queer Eye” Season 4 Recap: Everything You Need To Know

It’s been one whole week since Netflix’s Queer Eye dropped eight new, amazing, tear-jerking episodes. Here are all of the incredible transformations from Season 4:


First up, there’s veteran high school orchestra teacher, Kathi Dooley.

Kathi was actually JVN’s teacher when he was growing up in Quincy, Illinois. She’s been working at the school for over 30 years.

She’s so passionate and dedicated to her students, she often struggled with putting herself first. The guys taught her that sometimes being selfless requires a little self-care, too.

Instead of her home, Bobby redesigned the school’s teacher’s lounge, renaming it the Dooley Den.

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Then, Antoni taught some of her students how to make “Blue Deviled Potatoes,” a mascot-themed dish that was served at the annual music program fundraiser.

In the end, Kathi was honored by being made Grand Marshal of the annual marching band parade she started over 20 years ago, getting some much-deserved recognition!


Next, we had Wesley Hamilton — single father and founder of Disabled But Not Really, a foundation that provides fitness and nutrition programs for people who are disabled…but not really.


Wesley was a self-proclaimed “bad boy” growing up and was involved with gangs and drugs. Five years ago, he was shot multiple times, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

Though he was depressed and angry when he was first shot, he found a new purpose and happiness in life. But though he grew and improved, he didn’t heal.

In an emotional scene, Wesley confronted the man who tried to kill him, hoping it would give him clarity and closure.


Wesley said that he didn’t need an apology and that he was almost grateful for what happened, because it helped him find his purpose. The two even hug it out before parting ways.

Then, Bobby redesigned his home, intentionally making it more wheelchair accessible.

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Additionally, Tan tailored his wardrobe specially for him so that his clothes didn’t get caught in the wheels of his chair.

After the season’s premiere, Wesley took to his Instagram and wrote, “I’ve been feeling overwhelmed because I believe that this moment is truly going to be something huge for my life and the world. My life has changed since being on the show, and now the world gets to witness that. My Queer Eye episode spoke my truth.”


Moving right along to divorced dad, John Stoner, aka Cat Suit Guy.

He was nominated by his 10-year-old daughter, Lucy, who’s extremely self-sufficient and often took on the role of parent with her father.


The Fab Five helped him grow up a little bit and take on more responsibility.

They also helped him connect better with his daughter, who is a figure skater. John would always stand on the sidelines and not participate or show very much interest in his daughter’s passion. JVN called in the Big Guns™, aka MICHELLE KWAN, to teach both him and Lucy a thing or two.

In his revamp of the house, Bobby paid special attention to a room that John was using for storage. He transformed it into a unique space for Lucy, so that she felt she was home instead of just “at dad’s house.”

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John also opened up to his ex-wife and revealed that he’d been suffering from depression, which is one of the reasons he’d been struggling.

In a recent interview with Refinery 29, John said that he’s now been “keeping [Lucy] company” in the kitchen and that he’s a “much better skating dad now, for sure.”

Wanda was so dedicated to the Pythons that her house was completely devoid of furniture, so that the team could come over and practice at a moment’s notice.


And according to her daughters, most of their conversations with Wanda were 90% drill team and 10% about their lives. They didn’t feel as if they could open up to her or spend time together without drill team getting in the way.

Wanda was also very insecure about her hair, only ever wearing hats and wigs. After years of wearing weaves, sew-ins, extensions, etc. her hairline began to recede. But, JVN gave her a new style that she could feel confident about.

Bobby designed Wanda’s home to make it more functional for herself and her family, instead of drill team. Aka, there are chairs, now!

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Ultimately, Wanda surprised everyone by stepping down from the Pythons and handing over the reins to her daughters and colleagues so she could take on an administrative role that will give her more time for herself.


Okay, next we have sweet baby angel Kenny Yarnevich*!

*Guys, this episode made me cry the most. Like, big, blubbery tears. Be warned!

Kenny is a longtime bachelor living in his parents’ home, which hadn’t been updated (or really cleaned) since the ’70s.


He admitted to having “some hoarder tendencies” and to letting the place go. (Some of his family, whom he’s very close with, have never even stepped foot into the house.) Speaking of, he hadn’t yet been able to part with his late dog’s food bowl 😭😭😭.

Bobby helped Kenny reclaim his home from his parents’, and made it a space that his family can feel comfortable in.

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Not only that, but the guys helped him adopt a dog!!!!

And he named him Fab Five!!! (Fab, for short.) The cutest!!!!


Brb, crying all over again!

Although she’s extremely proud of her Mexican heritage, Deanna felt insecure about not being able to speak Spanish or cook traditional Mexican cuisine. Antoni, along with the women in her family, taught her how to make a traditional recipe.

After Tan gave her an elevated professional look, Karamo encouraged her to introduce herself to her neighbors and tell them about her business, but she revealed that after a racist interaction with one of them, she felt unwelcome.

Deanna realized that the actions of one person shouldn’t make her shut herself off from the rest of the neighborhood. She went door to door to introduce herself and found everyone to be very kind and welcoming.

Finally, instead of redecorating her home, Bobby surprised Deanna with a brand new office space for her business.

Both she and the Latino Arts Foundation seem to be thriving!

After being unexpectedly medically discharged two years into service, Brandonn struggled with feeling as though he hadn’t done enough for his country, and compensated by dedicating all his time to his work — building tiny houses for homeless veterans.

However, his constant working eventually took a toll on his home life. Not only did he and his wife not have enough time to spend together (which was especially difficult since their three small children often slept in their room), but Brandonn also struggled with opening up.

In addition to making over the rest of the house, Bobby gave Brandonn and his wife a not-so-kid-friendly bedroom for them to have time alone together.

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Ultimately, Brandonn opened up to his wife and shared how much she truly means to him, as well as promised to be more open and honest with his feelings in the future.


Last but not least, we have dairy farmer Matt Moreland.

Matt was recently divorced and his home reflected that. There was a ton of empty space on the wall where family photos used to be, and all of the furniture was bought when he was still married.

His farm, Red Barn Ranch, also took a hit. Sadly, they had to sell their cows, forcing Matt to step out of his comfort zone and find a new way for the farm to supplement his income.

After Karamo helped him open up about the impact of his divorce, Bobby redesigned Matt’s home so he could leave the painful memories in the past, and move forward in a new space with his new relationship.

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The guys also helped Matt get his plans to host farm-to-table events off the ground by giving him a brand new space!

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In the end, Matt learned that all of the new changes in his life were an opportunity to step outside of his comfort zone, try new things, learn, and grow.

*sniffles* Gosh dang it, Queer Eye, you’ve done it again! *sniffles*

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