Our Editors Are Pros at Vacation Dressing—Here’s a Peek Into Their Travel Vibe

I’m not sure about you, but my Instagram feed has been consisting of a lot of vacation photos. It’s hard to take one scroll without finding a picturesque shot on the beach or in a villa. My fellow editors have also started to take their vacation days, and I’ve been pulling inspiration from their outfit shots along the way. From matching With Jéan sets to vintage Pucci tops, my co-workers know their way around packing a fun set of looks for any destination. As I start to plan for my own vacation, I thought I’d ask my team for insight into their travel vibe. 

Below, you’ll find their dream vacation destinations, shopping picks, and beauty products that must be packed in their carry-ons. If you’re looking for items to bring onto your next vacation or simply just need some inspiration for figuring out your OOO looks, you’ve come to the right place. Be prepared to take notes.

Dream Vacation: “Mexico! Specifically, Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya. I went there for my honeymoon, and it was the best resort I’ve ever been to, hands down. I think about it a lot.”

“I’m convinced that these would look good on anyone.”

“The rumors are true—Hunza G swimsuits are the best.”

“I can think of so many ways to wear this fun shirt.”

“I actually just bought these for a vacation and have been wearing them ever since.”

“I love that this SPF lip balm doesn’t look or taste like an SPF lip balm.”

“This easy cream blush blends beautifully, and every color is flattering and versatile. I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know.”

“I can’t say enough good things about this genius product. It protects your skin and makes it look flawless. Win-win.”

Dream Vacation: “My absolute dream is to stay on one of those little huts in the water in the Maldives. I love the ocean and fantasize about waking up right on top of it doing nothing but eating papaya and drinking margaritas for about seven days straight.” 

“This dress is trendy and fun and definitely makes a statement. It makes for the perfect fancy dinner situation on any tropical vacation.”

“Oséree’s glittery bikinis are the ultimate vacation must-have. They look great in photos and are insanely comfortable.”

“I recently went on vacation and wore these sandals nearly every day. They are comfortable and go with just about everything.”

“These sheer sarongs have quickly become my most-worn items this summer. I throw them on over every swimsuit I own, and instantly, my look feels 10 times more elevated.” 

Dream Vacation: “While I love to travel to far-off destinations, I’m holding off until more of the world has access to vaccines. That being said, I’ve been dreaming of escaping New York and traveling to local beach cities. With one recent trip to Montauk under my belt, I’m vying to go back before the end of the summer. It’s so charming and calm and has incredible restaurants. Basically, it’s the only place I want to be for the rest of the summer. Give me all the laid-back beach vibes—please and thank you.”

“Something about this dress is serving Hamptons vibes in the best way possible.”

“You cannot go to a beach town without beach-inspired accessories.”

“A pearl bag for a beach trip? Yes, it’s cliché, but I bought this bag and wore it to Montauk and had no regrets. Trust me when I say she’s worth every penny.”

“Having statement sandals that you can wear for those sunset-dinner reservations is a must. I personally cannot stop thinking about these beaded-anklet sandals.”

“I have not been able to stop thinking about this dress. It’s begging me to wear it as a beach cover-up.”

“Even if I keep my hair in braids or a slicked-back bun the entire trip, keeping my curls hydrated is the best way to fight beach frizz. This is why you will not catch me leaving home without a good deep conditioner.”  

“When I’m beach bound, I’m not trying to do the most with my makeup routine. A good clear gloss goes a long way in my books.”

“After taking a dip in the water and dealing with the sun’s rays, I always like to keep both sunscreen and shea butter by my side to keep my skin healthy and hydrated. I personally love this shea butter from a small Black-owned company out of Houston.” 

Dream Vacation: “The Aeolian Islands sit off the coast of Sicily and are basically a postcard for every stunning aspect of the Mediterranean: crystal-clear blue water, dramatic cliffs, and bougainvillea-covered terraces. I could easily see myself spending a week (or two or three) exploring the islands by boat and eating fresh seafood for every meal.”

“I just got this set, and wearing it is mentally transporting me to somewhere remote.”

“I’ve been living in linen shirt-and-shorts sets like this all summer. They’re so easy to throw on with sandals and make the perfect swimsuit cover-up.”

“Leaning into a retro vibe just feels right for a vacation in Italy.”

My bucket-hat collection is growing by the second, and I have my eye on this vacation-ready raffia one to try next.

Dream Vacation: “Take me to the picturesque and charming Amalfi Coast any day! I’ll enjoy fresh seafood and crisp wine while savoring the dramatic coastline and historic sites. Bliss!”

“There’s nothing better to get me in vacay mode than a pretty mermaid-style bikini.”

“I’m loving all things crochet for summer, and this bag is perfect for all my warm-weather essentials.”

“Okay, how chic are these? They’re guaranteed to go with everything in my summer wardrobe.”

“This statement necklace is the perfect finishing touch to my summer outfits.”

“A pretty coral lipstick is a summer must for me.”

“I love a shimmering highlighter to give me that desired summertime glow.”

Dream Vacation: “I’ve dreamed of going to Isla Holbox in Mexico, specifically the Punta Caliza hotel. Step out of your hotel door directly into your own private pool? Oh, sign me up.”

“I love that this suit looks like an awesome ’80s thrift-store find. The seashells, the starfish—it’s just a lot of fun.”

“Easy little dresses are the way to go for vacation, and, honestly, for real life, too.”

“This is my favorite sunglasses shape. I weirdly find that it looks good on so many face shapes.”

“To match my green dress, of course.”

“Can you tell I love lip products? When my makeup is very minimal, I love a wash of color on my lips. This lip oil is my go-to.”

“I love this lip mask maybe a little too much. When I accidentally leave it at home, I long for it and am literally excited for when I return to my place so I can reunite my lips with this heaven-sent product. My lips have never been happier.”

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