Oscars 2017: Justin Timberlake Kicks Things Off With Upbeat Performance

The Oscars have started off on an upbeat note with Justin Timberlake dancing in the aisles of the Dolby Theater and interacting with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Timberlake kicked off the show with a performance of his Oscar-nominated song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” that included a high-five with Denzel Washington. Actor Javiar Bardem danced like he was in a nightclub.

The singer had promised a politics-free opening to the 89th annual Oscars, and he delivered.

Host Jimmy Kimmel kept the mood light in his opening, telling Timberlake that if his former bandmates in ‘N Sync were watching, they’d let him back into the band.

Kimmel didn’t stray entirely from politics, and urged audience members to reach out to someone with opposite views from them. He also took a shot at President Donald Trump, saying his policies had made the Oscars seem less racist.