Only One Trump Supporter Turned Up For Anti-Biden Protest

Trump is no longer president — and although thousands of Trumpers claimed to be upset by the inauguration of POTUS Joe Biden, only one supporter showed up for a scheduled anti-Biden protest.

“Mark Leggiero is the one lone Trump supporter out in front of the NYS Capitol. He says he expected a few thousand ppl here and is disappointed. He said he drove 45 minutes for a peaceful protest,” a Spectrum News reporter tweeted along with a picture of him — solo in front of The New York State Capitol.

“I couldn’t make it down to D.C., I’m sure everyone is down in D.C. now,” Leggiero told the news outlet after making the 45-minute drive down from Albany. “I’m not sure, but I was hoping to find a few thousand people down here doing a peaceful protest to try and get our voices heard. And here I am by myself.”


G Herbo admits to fraud (; 0:26)

It seems he may be doubting Trump’s claims of election fraud.

“I don’t know if all the evidence that I’ve seen and all the conspiracy evidence I’ve seen on YouTube videos and proof from scientists that I follow, guys with PHDs, I don’t know if all their information is wrong or is just a blatant lie,” Leggiero added. “Or if President Trump would have blatantly lied to us the past two months about all this information.”