Omarion’s Brother Supports Raz B Amid Sexual Abuse Claims

Omarion is trying his best to stay out of Raz B’s allegations against B2K’s former manager Chris Stokes — but his brother O’Ryna is not afraid to publicly support Raz B.

He addressed the drama via his Instagram Live.

“Just because you not a victim doesn’t mean you can’t speak up and say something,” said O’Ryan. “This person thought they could just be on my comments — I just had to let him know, this is not sweet. You know, the experience I had over there was not good for me.” 

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O’Ryan makes it clear that his issues have nothing to do with sexual abuse allegations but that the former label destroyed his career.

Earlier this month, Raz B challenged Chris Stokes to take a polygraph test.

 “I’m tired of f*cking being bullied, I’m a grown ass man I’m 35 years old, I’m not a little kid …I want to catch a fade. Y’all n*ggas took my money, we already know, we know, Chris we know, we get it. But n*gga this sh*t is over.” He later added, “The truth stops the talk — let’s both take a lie detector test and make the results public. If you’re innocent then vindicate yourself.”