Okay, So WTF Is Actually Happening In “Westworld”?

1. If you clicked into this post you’ve probably been watching Westworld, and you’re probably as confused as the rest of us.

Who is a robot? Who isn’t? Is anybody real? What’s going on in the world outside of the park? Ahhh.

2. The only thing certain about Westworld is that it has spawned more questions and theories than actual answers.

3. The most discussed Westworld theory suggests that William (Jimmi Simpson) is actually The Man in Black (Ed Harris).

The theory posits the show has actually presented us with two different timelines. One timeline shows William and Logan 30 years in the past while the other shows the present in which William has become The Man in Black.

4. There’s compelling evidence for the two timeline theory.

But trying to prove this theory gets REALLY CONFUSING as you dissect the times and places where both William and The Man in Black interact with Delores (Evan Rachel Wood).

  1. So what do you think, is William actually The Man in Black?

    1. Yes, that makes total sense.

    2. No, that’s dumb.

    3. I’m still unsure.

Okay, So WTF Is Actually Happening In “Westworld”?


    6. Another much discussed question: is Bernard a robot?

    The show has actually made it seem like Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is pretty obviously a robot. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) speaks to him with the same commands he uses to control other androids, and at one point Bernard and Delores both say the same programmed phrase about loss.

    And there’s the fact Bernard is sleeping with a superior, which would probably be a bad move in the corporate environment, unless, of course, he’s a robot with no emotional attachment to the relationship. Hmm.

    1. So what do you think, is Bernard a robot?

      1. Yes, it’s obvious.

      2. That’s what they want you to think, but nah.

    Okay, So WTF Is Actually Happening In “Westworld”?


      8. But maybe the most compelling question the show has left us with is the actual location of the park. Where the fuck is Westworld?

      The dominant theories about the actual park are A: it’s on the uninhabitable surface of a post-apocalyptic Earth, and B: it is on another planet altogether. When newcomers arrive to the park they seem to marvel at the wonderment of simply being outside, in the desert, which gives some weight the idea of a future where people live underground and are thus having their first experience of the surface in Westworld.

      One thing we know for sure is that Westworld employees live at the park for long periods of time before “rotating” home. So the location is remote, which means it definitely could be on another planet.

      1. Where do you think Westworld is?

        1. On another planet

        2. On the surface of post-apocalyptic Earth

        3. Maybe it’s just here on the regular ol’ Earth.

      Okay, So WTF Is Actually Happening In “Westworld”?


        1. So are you in or out on this show?

          1. I’m in.

          2. Honestly, I’m out.

          3. I’m gonna give it a few more episodes.

        Okay, So WTF Is Actually Happening In “Westworld”?

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