Offset Working Hard To Get Cardi B To Call Off Divorce

Cardi B has filed for divorce, and once again, Offset is fighting to keep his family together.

“Offset is on his best behavior right now,” a source close to the Migos rapper tells HollywoodLife. “He’s doing everything he can to prove to Cardi that he’s worth it. He knows he’s not perfect, but he really does feel that he and Cardi belong together and he’s putting all his focus on her. He was miserable without her and he knows he’s beyond lucky to have a woman like her so he’s just doing all he can to convince her not to go through with the divorce.”

Offset spent Cardi B’s birthday with her last week — buying her a luxury car. At some point, Cardi confessed they were in bed together (when she took a topless photo to send him but instead, it leaked on the internet.)

Things are looking good for Offset.

“Right now he’s just very, very happy that he’s been able to spend time with her again, he really hated being apart from her. She’s the only woman he loves. He loves everything about her. She’s so talented and so fun and she has such a big heart and on top of all that she’s the best mother to Kulture. He can’t imagine his life without her as his wife.”