'Ocean's Eight': Mindy Kaling Says 'People Think I'm Sandra Bullock's Assistant' On Set

Filming “Ocean’s Eight” has been a humbling experience for Mindy Kaling.

The star told host Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s “Late Night” that being part of the female-led “Ocean’s Eleven” spinoff has given her some new career insight she hadn’t seen coming.

“People think I’m Sandra Bullock’s assistant,” Mindy admitted of working alongside her Oscar-winning co-star in the film. “And they’re like, ‘Get out of the way! We need to bring Sandra her matcha tea.’ I’m like, ‘I’m in a scene with her. I’m not her assistant.'”

Mindy joked that she eventually became willing to just go with the flow.

“Then I’m like, ‘OK! Whatever. I’ll give her her matcha tea. Might as well,'” she added. 

Sandy isn’t the only A-lister making Mindy reevaluate her Hollywood status. Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway and Rihanna are just a few of the other women comprising the all-star “Ocean’s Eight” lineup, and the 37-year-old told Seth the company can be a bit intimidating.

“With that group of women, I’ve never felt so unfamous in my life,” the “Mindy Project” star and creator said. “Like, I thought I was pretty cool. I have my own show.”

When it comes to the paparazzi, however, Mindy said she’s realized that even some of the most famous actresses in the world are no match for music icons.

“There’s movie/TV famous, and then there’s international pop star famous, which is at a whole other level,” Mindy said, recalling a recent time when she and Anne were walking together while Rihanna was nearby.

Describing “a sea” of photographers snapping away, Mindy said she was “feeling kind of cool and famous” over the attention – at least at first.

“Then Rihanna took a left to her trailer, which was not in the same direction that me and Anne were going, and the paparazzi left so quickly. It was like a desert!” she laughed. “Anne and I are talking and I’m trying to have this sexy conversation with Anne Hathaway, and no one’s around or cares even.”

Also starring Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter and Awkwafina, “Ocean’s Eight” is set to hit theaters on June 8, 2018. 

— Erin Biglow