Nordstrom’s Home Section Is Popping Off—Here’s What to Buy

When I first started working from home, my apartment was a place where I slept, ate dinner, and watched TV. But during the past two years, it’s become the place where I spend most of my time, so I’ve really had to up my home-décor game. I bought nicer furniture, I honed in on color schemes, I invested in chairs that don’t make my whole body hurt after sitting in them for five minutes. And most importantly, I covered my space in chic home décor that genuinely makes my time here that much more enjoyable—because hey, even though I have to work, I might as well be surrounded by cute things. And over the past 21 months, I’ve scored so many of those cute things from Nordstrom. If you didn’t already know, its home section is constantly popping off. Want to see what I mean? Keep scrolling for 16 items that are begging to be added to your cart.