Nike Settles ‘Satan Shoes’ Lawsuit: Sneakers To Be Recalled

Nike has agreed to a settlement with the company responsible for Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes.

MSCHF will offer refunds to people who want to return the sneakers under the terms of the settlement — it would be a “voluntary recall.”

666 pairs of the Satan Shoes were produced by MSCHF. The shoes included a single drop of employees’ blood and ink into an air bubble in the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers. Each pair cost $1,018. 


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Nike released a statement addressing both the Satan Shoes and the Jesus Shoes.

“In both cases, MSCHF altered these shoes without Nike’s authorization,” Nike said in a statement. “Nike had nothing to do with the Satan Shoes or the Jesus Shoes.”

The statement also read, “If any purchasers were confused, or if they otherwise want to return their shoes, they may do so for a full refund. Purchasers who choose not to return their shoes and later encounter a product issue, defect, or health concern should contact MSCHF, not Nike. The parties are pleased to put this dispute behind them.”