Nick Offerman Knew Chris Pratt Would Be A Movie Star The First Time They Met

In honor of the release of Good Omens, we sat down with Jon Hamm and Nick Offerman to talk about some of their “firsts” in the industry (and their personal lives).

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When asked who the first person they bonded with the most on the set was, Nick Offerman was quick not to offend. He said, “I’m gonna discount the people I was already friends with when we arrived. I’m gonna go with Jim O’Heir.”


Classic Jerry!

Jon Hamm was surprised and said that he thought it would be Chris Pratt.

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But Nick kindly let him know that he had actually met Chris years earlier at a soiree happening at Justin Long’s house.

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To which Jon replied, “Everything about that sentence is amazing.”

Nick went on to discuss this first meeting of Chris Pratt, saying, “He immediately was intelligent and hilarious and friendly.” Nick must have had a ~psychic moment of clairvoyance~ when he predicted that Pratt would eventually become a movie star:

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“Turns out he did okay,” said Hamm.

As for Jon Hamm’s pick, he went with his Mad Men costar John Slattery.

“Mine was probably [John] Slattery for kinda similar reasons,” he started.

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“We had not really met and the first day kind of all my scenes were with John. It was a very challenging day of a lot of lines and a lot of stuff, and by the end of that first day I was like, ‘I think I’m gonna be friends with this guy.'”

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