Nick Cannon: I’m Not Seeking Forgiveness

Nick Cannon sat down for an interview where he revealed that he is not seeking forgiveness for his past alleged anti-semitic remarks.

“I’ve always said that apologies are empty. Apologies are weightless,” Cannon on Good Morning America. “In Hebrew they call it, you know, ‘Teshuva,’ the process of not only you know, repenting, but through that — if you’re ever met with a similar situation that you make a different decision. That goes beyond apologizing. And I’m on this journey of atonement, not to get a job, not to gain any more money because that’s not what’s needed here. I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do.”

He added: “My journey’s not gonna stop, whether the person watching this forgives me or not. I’m still gonna hopefully through this process, be on the right side of history and bring people closer together.”


Nick Cannon Wants Peace With Eminem (; 0:55)

After being accused of being anti-semitic, Cannon’s radio show was pulled — but it will be making a return.