NFL Star Deshaun Watson Slams Reporters For Filming Him

Deshaun Watson flipped out on reporters for filming him all day.

 “Why are you all always filming me every day? It’s the same s***,” the Houston quarterback said in a clip.

Watson’s has been accused by 22 of various alleged sexual misconduct incidents are reportedly refusing to settle.

Tony Buzbee, his opposing counsel who represents the women suing Watson, said, “a settlement is not happening.”

Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, released a statement confirming that settlement talks were off the table.

Hardin says that Buzbee approached him several times about a possible settlement, so he’s confused as to why the ladies’ attorney is making such a confusing statement.


For Life Trailer (; 1:00)

“I am a little bemused by Mr. Buzbee pronouncing piously that his clients are not going to settle and that they want their cases to play out in court. The fact that this whole thing started with his attempt to extort money and avoid court shows that irony is not dead. I guess it has just been raised to a new level,” he said.

All the women have accused Watson of sexualizing his massage sessions with them.