New Season, New Shoes: 16 Pairs So Good I Can’t Pick a Favorite

The second the temperature dropped to 60°, my summer sandals went into hibernation. As a city girl, I can’t wait for the weather to change simply because it means I can pull out my fall footwear. It’s a welcome change after three months of wearing open-toed shoes up and down the subway stairs. I’ve been monitoring which footwear trends will be everywhere this season, and Zappos’s Sorel offerings fit the bill. Between lug-sole boots, lace-up combats, and sporty sneakers, I’m having a difficult time choosing my favorite fall shoes. Keep scrolling to shop Zappos’s current on-trend selection.

The fall antithesis to the classic black boot. 

A heeled boot is a must if you want to tackle cold weather in style

I’m loving this unexpected chocolate-mint color combo. 

Sorel just nails it with colorways. These sneakers are giving major Sporty Spice vibes. 

A tried and true staple. 

Winter snow called. It wants you to prepare with these. 

I can literally go anywhere in these. 

Your old gym sneakers could never. 

I love this shorter boot to wear with puddle pants and long denim in the fall. 

A chic sneaker that looks like it wouldn’t be waterproof, but it is. 

This. This is the one. 

A staple white tennis shoe you’ll wear over and over again. 

A boot I’d hike around Manhattan in all day long. 

Laceless sporty sneakers are just easier to wear. 

For when you simply cannot put on another black boot. 

Last but not least, the coziest option of them all.