New Salt N Pepa Biopic Shows Rapper Treach BEATING Pepa!!

MTO News just got an early peek at the upcoming Salt N Pepa biopic – and which airs tonight on Lifetime, and it’s juicy. MTO News confirmed that the TV movie shows Sandy “Pepa” Denton;’s ex-husband – rapper Treach – beating her.

Cheryl “Salt” James and Pepa‘s biopic is a three-hour movie which shows the rise to fame, personal struggles, as well as why the group eventually broke up. 

 The ladies said that they wanted the movie to tell the story of what really happened behind the scenes. Sandra “Pepa” Denton said during an interview with The New York Post, “Nothing was off-limits.”


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Cheryl “Salt” James added, “It was important for us to be vulnerable and honest while making this movie.”

Sandra “Pepa” Denton admitted she had a hard time trying to respectfully show her allegedly abusive relationship with ex-husband Anthony “Treach” Criss of Naughty by Nature in the film.

“In the movie, I didn’t just want to focus on the negative things between us. I wanted to be fair to [Treach] and show that despite the bad, he was a good guy, too.”

Well MTO News can confirm that she definitely showed the BAD in him. MTO News confirms that Treach is seen whooping on Pepa multiple times throughout the movie