New Black Bachelor Allegedly ‘On The Downlow’ – Shock ‘Gay’ Pics!

Former Florida politician Andrew Gillum admitted to being secretly bisexual – and that re-started a conversation in the Black community about downlow Black men.

Well MTO News is hearing rumors about another prominent Black man, who may be lying about his sexuality – the new Black Bachelor Matt James.

Matt is starring as “the bachelor” in the 25th season of the ABC show. But MTO News is hearing whispers that Matt may not be into women.

There have been rumblings online that he and his best friend are a little more than just friends.

So who is his alleged boyfriend – a male model named Tyler Cameron. The two men met while filming The bachelor years ago, and claim that they are NOT romantically involved and that they are both straight. But there’s something a little too intimate about their friendship if you ask us.

Watch this interview of the two, they look like a gay couple:

New Bachelor May Be Secretly Gay (; 2:18)

Here are some videos of the two men “horsing around” without shirts and laying in bed together. The videos are very suspicious . . .