New Anime Promotes Black Woman Dating Asian Men; Black Twitter ERUPTS!!

A NYC Anime artist has created a new comic book that focuses around the love between an Asian Man and a Black woman, and the comic is going viral on social media.

The comic book, called NIA, focuses on a Black woman who leaves her Black boyfriend and falls in love with an Asian man.


CJ Whoopty Beat Up For Pretending To Be A Blood (; 0:23)

It’s an interesting story, but MTO News has learned that it struck a nerve on Black Twitter. There’s a very lively debate on Twitter about this new anime. Most Black women think that it’s a positive for a line of comics to glorify Black women.

But others, mostly men, think that the imagery downgrades Black men.

Here is the comic book, taken from the artist, Kenny Kenjiken’s IG:

Kenny loves drawing imagery that promotes Black Women/Asian Men relationships.

Here is some of his other artwork: