Nelly Responds To St. Lunatics’ Ali: He Did Not Perform w/ Us!!

Nelly has responded after St. Lunatics member, Ali, accused him of abandoning the group.

“There’s three people in this group that’s been a lunatic since day one: Nelly, Kyjuan, and City [Spud],” Nelly told What Up Doe radio. “We all went to school together. Alright? Cool. When we first started the Lunatics, Ali was not in this group. Stop me when I’m lying.”


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He continued: “When they said the Lunatics was doing all the legwork and talent shows and all of that, that was us. He didn’t do that. When we was going around town making a name for ourselves, doing the car wash, performing at the talent shows at [colleges], that was us, that wasn’t Ali. Ali did not perform with us. Either he thought he was too good or he didn’t perform with us. Either way, he did not perform with us. Just factuals. Actual factuals.”

The rapper goes on to say that Ali only officially joined the group after they were offered a deal.

Hear what he had to say below.

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