Neil Patrick Harris Looks Absolutely Terrifying In This New “Unfortunate Events” Teaser

1. Netflix has just released a brand new teaser for A Series of Unfortunate Events, and it’s chockfull of great footage.

3. There’s also a brief scene of Mr. Poe dropping off the Baudelaire orphans at Olaf’s unwelcoming abode.

4. Clues about the secret organization VFD pop up, as evidenced when Klaus Baudelaire unfolds a map with that suspicious-looking eye logo…

6. If that wasn’t already exciting, there’s an image of Olaf’s classic silhouette.

No doubt he’s plotting some evil scheme to get the Baudelaires’ fortune.

7. But the best part of the whole thing is when we see Neil Patrick Harris as Olaf, slinking out of the shadows to greet the Baudelaire children.


8. And last but not least, we finally get a glimpse of our beloved trio — Violet, Sunny, and Klaus — all together!

9. The forthcoming series debuts on Netflix in Jan. 2017.

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