Need a Wellness Refresh? Look No Further Than This New Yorker’s Chill Routine

I’ve always been envious of my colleagues who seem to float into the office (virtually or IRL) nice and early every morning, green juice in hand and workout complete, ready to take on the day. While I’ve been tasked with writing about many a workday routine over the course of my career, I have to admit I’ve never really nailed one down for myself. Living life “free-form” always seemed to work for me… until I hit my 30s, and suddenly, it didn’t.

With fall—the season of fresh starts—just around the corner, I realized it was high time I changed my unregimented ways and started carving out some time for self-care. And luckily, I knew just the person to turn to for advice on the matter: Who What Wear’s very own Alexandra Kurtz. Alex, a sales associate who sits on the media revenue team, relies on a carefully curated routine to get her through busy workdays in New York City.

I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life, and my routines are what help keep my anxiety at bay,” she explains, underlining the importance of self-care. “Self-care can mean anything that brings you peace,” she adds. “For me, working out and taking care of my body make me feel my best—and getting plenty of sleep.” (Hear, hear!)

Looking for a wellness refresh of your own this fall? You’ve come to the right place. Follow along as Alex takes us through a typical WFH workday from sunup to sundown.

A self-described morning person, Alex tends to wake up between 6 and 7 a.m. Monday through Friday. From there, she’s off to the kitchen to prep her French press. I immediately get my coffee and bring it back in bed with me, where I’ll meditate and journal,” she says. “I love my Madhappy journal; it gives you prompts each morning that help guide your thoughts.” 

While she isn’t a big breakfast person, she does make a point of taking her morning vitamins before she does anything else. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve made it a priority to take supplements,” says Alex, adding that she’s been loyal to her Olly faves since high school. “They have specific focuses and helpful messaging on the packaging, so I know exactly what I’m taking.”

Next, she typically tries to fit in an early-morning workout. “There are so many incredible workout classes to try here in New York,” she shares. “Since I don’t have time to go to a class every day, I often bring my yoga mat up to my roof. Today’s virtual session was really nice and relaxing—nothing too sweaty.”

From there, she likes to leave herself time to put on a bit of makeup and freshen up. “I usually change into something comfy—like sweats and a cute top—so I look presentable on my calls,” she says of her WFH wardrobe.  

“I’m usually on calls for a lot of the day—anything from internal brainstorms to kickoff calls with clients,” she says. “I really love getting started on new campaigns and pitching new ideas. I work directly under the sales team, and I love seeing new RFP requests and wins coming in. It’s awesome how much of a team effort each campaign is, and I love seeing the live product come together.”

“Depending on the day, I like to treat myself and order lunch,” she says. “Today, I ordered Dig Inn, which is a fan favorite among the WWW team. It’s super filling and healthy, and I like to order it so I don’t have to get distracted and make something. Today, I sat on my roof and ate lunch, which was a perfect break.”

And when she needs a little midday pick-me-up, she turns to her desk-side vitamin stash. “These Olly Metabolism gummies really help my digestive system. I usually take one of these around lunchtime, and I notice they help me keep my energy up through the afternoon when I hit a slump,” she says. She’s also partial to the brand’s Laser Focus vitamins when she needs to stay on task as the workday wears on.

After work, she’ll normally go for a walk or meet up with friends before heading back home and prepping for dinner. And then her nightly wind-down routine commences, which consists of tidying up her space and taking her go-to Olly Sleep supplements. “I can’t live without them,” she explains. “They’re perfect for helping me fall asleep, and I never wake up groggy or tired.”

“Is there any better feeling than getting into a cozy, crisp bed at the end of a long day?” asks Alex. (I think not.) “My friends make fun of me because I’m a grandma and go to bed early. I’ve never been someone who stays up late for fun—if I don’t have any plans, I want to be in bed with a book by 9 p.m. I’d say on a good night, I get seven to eight hours of sleep.”