NBA Youngboy Once Turned Down Lil Baby Feature!!

According to DJ Akademiks, NBA Youngboy once turned down a feature from Lil Baby — one of the hottest new rappers out.

Ak says he tried to change his mind, but Youngboy would not be swayed.


NBA Youngboy Curses Out Floyd Mayweather w/ Daughter Listening (; 1:41)

“YoungBoy told me when Lil Baby hit him up for a feature. I remember he told me, ‘Ak, I’m not doing music right now.’ And I remember saying, ‘YoungBoy, if you don’t f*cking do a song with Lil Baby, n*gga …’ ‘Cause I gave him a whole list, I remember I sat in the car with him, I told him a whole list of n*ggas who he should do songs with. And I remember him telling me, ‘You know I can’t do a song with him.’ He was telling me all type of beefs, I was like, I didn’t know the beef was that deep. I get it,” Ak says.

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“But I’m telling you the facts. This n*gga YoungBoy, he don’t care about that sh*t. I remember telling him, ‘This is a no f*cking brainer.’ And he was just like, ‘Bro, I don’t care.'”

Should Youngboy have said “yes” to the feature?