NBA YoungBoy Affiliate Claims The Rapper Doesn’t Pay For Features

NBA YoungBoy’s associate Herm Tha Blacksheep took to Instagram to call for the rapper to be freed from jail. 

“One this fasho Yb the only artist that never paid for a feature and turns down 100,000a for them,” he wrote. “The industry don’t have street n*ggas no more FREE TOP.”

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YoungBoy (real name Kentrell Gaulden) had an outstanding warrant, and while driving police asked him to pull over his vehicle. According to the cops, YoungBoy’s vehicle did not pull over, and the cops ended up chasing him, before YoungBoy exited the vehicle and tried escaping on foot. 

Cops used a K-9 dog to track down Youngboy and searched his car. Reportedly they found a firearm in the car but did not say whether the weapon belonged to the rapper or someone else.


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He has been behind bars since March. His team has been releasing new music on his behalf. The rapper has been denied bail.