NBA Superstar Devin Booker Allegedly Got Secretly Married To Kendall Jenner – ‘Ring’ Pics!!

NBA superstar Devin Booker is facing rumors that he may have gotten secretly married to his longtime girlfriend Kendall Jenner, MTO News has learned.

Yesterday an image of Devin began circulating on social media, showing Devin wearing what looked like a “wedding ring” on his ring finger. And that image has caused people all over social media to speculate that he and Kendall may have eloped.

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Teacher Gets Wig Snatched By Student Video (; 0:38)

Here is the image:


There’s a few issues with the “wedding ring” theory, however. MTO News observed that the ring is on Devin’s right hand, and not his left – as is traditional to wear in the United States.

Secondly, we reached out o our Kardashian sources and none seemed to believe that Kendall and Devin were married. One reliable Kardashian insider told MTO News, “I doubt it, but you can never be too sure of anything around [the Kardashians].