NBA Star Karl Towns’ GF Jordyn Woods Wears ‘Explicit’ Outfit On Red Carpet!

Influencer, Jordyn Woods arrived at her PrettyLittleThing collection launch with boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns in West Hollywood last night and stunned everyone by wearing an explicit sheer pink leopard print dress, MTO News has learned.

Here are some images of the stunning dress. And Jordyn’s NBA bae All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns.


Jordyn, 23, is a social media personality and model based in Los Angeles, California. She is best known for friendship with American businesswoman Kylie Jenner.


Donald Trump Tried To Kiss Beautiful Black Model (; 0:38)

Jordyn is sometimes considered part of a growing trend of Plus-size modeling. However, she believes this category should cease to exist altogether. She considers the different labels seen as harmful and divisive. 

Further, she has gotten significantly more fit over the years, and some have expressed their dissatisfaction with her increased athleticism. [4] This makes the “plus-sized” label even more problematic as it discourages models from reaching their fitness goals.