Nathan Fillion Says There Has Been Enough “Firefly”

1. Before constant TV reboots and revivals were even really a thing, Firefly was one of the first canceled shows that refused to truly die.

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2. The show was canceled after a short first season from 2002-2003. So it was beautiful, really, when they got their movie in 2005 and showed the might of fandom and persistence to the world.

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3. …And showed that the cast and creators can still pack a comic-con hall like almost no one else.

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4. But it’s been 14 years since the show premiered and 11 since the movie. And though every once in a while murmurs or pleas of another revival crop up, it seems Firefly star Nathan Fillion is no longer among those clamoring. In fact, he seems pretty content to leave it where it is.

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5. “It’s really hard to look at that kind of stuff and say, ‘Give me more.’ Because enough is enough,” Fillion said on a reunion panel at Long Beach Comic-Con this past weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Here’s the full quote:

I totally get wanting more. I hear it all the time. “Is there going to be more? When is it? Could there be? What if there was?” And I get it. At the same time, we all had what I would call my dream job. It was the perfect position. Everything was great. Even the challenges we faced, we faced them together. We were all in it together and we were all pulling for the same thing, to make a great show. And I loved every minute of it. It’s really hard to look at that kind of stuff and say, “Give me more.” Because enough is enough. Oh my god. It was everything. It was everything. How can everything not be enough?

7. According to co-star Jewel Staite, who was also on the panel, it’s her and Sean Maher who still talk wistfully of the possibilities.

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9. She said:

Sean and I want more. Last night we had dinner and we were in an Uber and we were not talking about Firefly in any way…. You were on your phone and texting away and, I [said] something about Netflix…. And Sean said this, very absentmindedly, “I can’t believe they haven’t picked us up.”

10. But it still seems like the odds aren’t likely without the blessing of Malcolm Reynolds himself. And that might be OK.

11. See Fillion’s comments for yourselves here:

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