My God The Music From “Euphoria” Is So Good

If you’re smart like Leonardo Dicaprio, then you are watching Euphoria.

And you’d know that not only is the show amazing, but the music is A+++++++++++++.

Without even know what’s playing I can hear this scene.

And Nate sucks, but I can practically hear this scene too.

And yah, kinda mad at Jules for this, but I can feel the music through this gif.

Basically the entire soundtrack is killer, and features dozens of songs per episode. Like Charlotte Day Wilson’s “Work,” which played during the whole montage where Jules and Tyler/Nate were texting each other.

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If like me you’re obsessed with the music and wanna listen to it 24/7, then lucky for you Spotify has an entire Euphoria playlist. 133 songs to play on repeat until the next season comes out.

Apple Music also has one, it’s here.

In conclusion: Dear music people of Euphoria: