My Friends Kept Raving About This Affordable Jewelry Brand, So I Tried It IRL

Fashion editors have a lot of opinions. And while it may take more than the average to please us, when we like something, we tend to stick behind it. A brand that’s been ringing in my ears from my editor colleagues is Canadian jewelry brand Mejuri. Admittedly it’s been on my radar for a minute—via events and general shopping research— but until recently I never dove deep into its selection to try it in real life. Good thing I did, but it was exactly what I was looking for: no-frills everyday jewelry that I leave on whether I’m sleeping or swimming. I’m past the age of wear-it-once-and-its-green costume jewelry, but not quite ready to invest in a Van Cleef Alhambra piece (although I’m planning on it soon). Mejuri’s direct to consumer jewelry sits nicely between the two categories, so with $100, you can buy a solid piece that won’t turn or lose its luster. However the brand also makes really great affordable fine jewelry (including engagement rings) too, so there’s really something for everyone should precious metals be on your wishlist.  I took five of Mejuri’s bestselling pieces for a test drive to see how they faired in the midst of my day-to-day activities. Keep scrolling to read my review and for a visual of how I styled each piece.

My jewelry collection is overflowing with necklaces. It’s the one piece I could probably afford to stop buying, but whenever I see a gold chain my shopping impulses take over. Needless to say, I already have a few similar herringbone chains that I love, so this had a tough act to follow. For one, I could not get over how luminous and shiny this was! The gold vermeil really outshone my other chains that I found myself constantly reaching for this one. It’s on the bolder side so layering is not a necessity, but it also looks amazing in a stack.

My favorite jewelry trend to emerge this year has been colored gems and stones. I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate colorful gems into my everyday jewelry, but with such a bold trend it can feel over the top as a day-to-day piece. This ring really nails that balance with a modest glimmer of citrine set in an 18k gold vermeil band. It really makes a manicure pop, hence the influx of nail photos on my phone. Mejuri also stocks other versions of the ring in various stones and metals so you can choose your favorite combo.

A croissant ring has been on my list for quite some time—I’m a huge fan of its French-girl heirloom feel—but I’ve also been blessed with thick fingers which have made finding one a challenge. One thing I appreciate most about Mejuri is its wide range of sizes, so I was able to find this piece in a size that fit without me having to bring out the lotion and my best upper body strength. Along with the Candy Oval ring I never take these off, and they haven’t tarnished yet. 

I’m usually an all-or-nothing type of person when it comes to earrings—I either go extra large or none at all, so I really didn’t expect to love these as much as I did. The angular shape is really eye-catching and I loved creating an ear stack with them. I have yet to reach for my XL hoops, so I guess that’s saying something. 

Indulging my large earring obsession, these Croissant Dome Hoops are my cool statement earrings for when I want a bit of pizazz. Specifically styled with a white tank and trousers, they really shine with my more minimalist pieces. On the flip side, they’re not too big though, so if you work in a creative office environment, you could definitely pull these off. 

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