My Friend Loves Madewell and Needs New Clothes, so I Directed Her to These Items

During a recent Zoom chat with one of my friends, our conversation led to fashion (as it often does). Specifically, she wanted my opinion on a few pieces I thought could be worthy additions to her wardrobe. I know Madewell is one of her go-to shops due to the brand’s offering of classic yet trend-forward items, so I told her I’d scroll through the site and send over a smattering of things I liked that she probably would as well.

In the end, I sent over nine pieces I thought would work for her, including chic basics, adorable tops, and classic denim cuts. While sorting through all the merchandise, I discovered an additional group of products that I thought could be of interest to you. With all that in mind, I pulled A+ Madewell pieces for you below. Keep scrolling for a bit of shopping inspiration—you just may uncover an item or two that could be worth adding to your cart.

The denim cut of the moment.

A sweater-vest adds a directional element to any ‘fit.

You’ll wear this blazer for seasons.

A staple.

Great for transitional weather.

A favorite tee among our editors.

How cozy do these look?

Fresh shacket, anyone?

For when you don’t want a heavy jacket.

You could easily dress these pants up or down.

Yummy cashmere.

Just sleek.

An updated take on a denim jacket.

How fun.

This jacket is also packable for convenience.

Into the sleeve length here.

Sweet floral print.

Distressed jeans for the win.

The square neckline and puff sleeves are wonderful.

You can style this turtleneck in so many ways.

Chelsea boots are a staple for many.

The frayed hem is a nice touch.


Try this cardigan as an alt to a top.

You’ll be able to fit so much in here.

This striped sweater is classic yet modern.

All the fall vibes.

Loving the idea of tucking a knit polo into this skirt.

Oh, and here’s a polo option.

The story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated. Next, check out more fall staples.