My 2022 Goal Is to Not Regret Any Purchases, Starting With These Chic Basics

Making regrettable purchases is kind of a part of life. We’ve all done it at one point or another, and you just deal with the hassle of having to return something, donate it, or suck it up and wear it even if it’s not entirely right for you. But in the new year, I’m vowing to break the cycle. 

So how does one break the regrettable-purchase cycle? By zeroing in on basics. The bulk of what we wear is basics, whether we realize it or not, and therefore, that’s what you should focus your money and attention on. As long as your basics purchases suit your aesthetic, lifestyle, and the climate of the city you live in, it’s very likely that you won’t regret those purchases. And call me biased, but our namesake brand, Who What Wear Collection, is chock-full of basics that are extremely wearable, versatile, and impossible to regret investing in. So with that, scroll on to shop the 30 Who What Wear Collection basics I’ve added to my cart with the purpose of building my regret-free 2022 wardrobe. 

This chic top looks like an expensive designer find.

Our editorial team is obsessed with this trendy basic.

There’s nothing better than high-quality vegan leather that won’t break the bank.

Speaking of vegan leather, don’t miss out on this perfect dress.

A black-and-white slip skirt will get so much wear.

For the ballerina in all of us.

So good with loose-fitting jeans.

I actually already own this perfect dress, and I think you should too.

Alert: future wardrobe staple.

A rare winter-friendly going-out top.

How good is the color of this blazer?

These pants are becoming legendary among Who What Wear staffers.

Everything from the seams to the piping makes this dress so special.

This top looks incredible on everyone.

This looks so elegant on.

Perfectly pleated.

For pairing with the previous pants or anything else.

Everyone I know who owns this sweater is obsessed.

On-trend is an understatement.

Style this just like so.

This tank is the definition of a chic basic.

Equally chic with flats or heels.

I’m hoping for a warm-weather vacation to wear this to soon.

A comfortable corset is the best of both worlds.

I’m always on the hunt for black trousers as perfect as these.

A simple shacket will get tons of wear in 2022.

Winter outfit goals.

File this under things I wish I was wearing right now.

As versatile as basic black.

This cool camel turtleneck will give any wardrobe a boost.

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