Motivational Speaker Gabby Bernstein on the Power of Becoming Your Happiest Self

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Gabby Bernstein’s ethos is simple: to help others discover a spiritual relationship and ultimately live out one’s true purpose. She is a motivational speaker, spiritual guide, and New York Times best-selling author, so there is no doubt that we can all take a page out of Bernstein’s life playbook. 

Bernstein has written nine books to date, including The Universe Has Your BackSuper Attractor, and her latest, Happy Days (out February 22). From transforming fear into faith to shifting negative patterns, each book reveals methods to enhance one’s life in Bernstein’s incredibly unique, grounding voice. She is also the host of a weekly podcast, Dear Gabby, where she offers real-time coaching and conversations with incredibly inspiring guests such as Amanda Kloots and Jenna Dewan. Bernstein further fosters her connection with her audience in real life, where thousands come to see her speak at sold-out venus worldwide. She also has a coaching subscription, Miracle Membership, which includes programming on topics such as manifestation and meditation. Simply put, Bernstein is on a mission to genuinely encourage people to become the happiest person they know.

Clearly, Bernstein’s energy is infectious. She has garnered one million followers on social media, and she has been featured on Oprah’s highly esteemed SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader” and as a part of the SuperSoul 100. 

Yet before she was paving her own path in the self-improvement and guidance industry, her career looked entirely different. Bernstein spent her 20s working in public relations for nightclubs and restaurants in New York and even built her own PR firm. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Bernstein’s journey of dealing with her own addiction and trauma shifted her narrative and led her to transform people’s lives around the world. Keep scrolling to discover some of her best-selling books.

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