Migos’ Rapper Quavo Tells DJ Akademiks To ‘Pull Up’

Migos’ rapper Quavo hopped on social media to tell DJ Akademiks to “pull up” after he trashed the group and said something about his girl, Saweetie.

“Pull Up And Chop It up Like a man I promise I ain’t gon hit you!!!” he tweeted. “Jus wanna play u these new MIGOS records since u think sh*t sweet! And stop bashin my girl. She’s a Female but if I tell her to go in yo sh*t SHE WOULD so what the trash word internet girl.”

On Everyday Struggle, the Akademiks and Wayno discussed whether the group was on the clock. They both agreed that the Atlanta trio is running out of time.

“With the Migos, they were a street rap group. We’re used to these mothaf*ckas in the bandos, this, that and the third. All of a sudden, these n*ggas, they’re already in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills. They look like they’ve lost their street presence. The street essence,” Ak said. “We’re seeing Quavo. He looks super happy, in love. The music isn’t even matching what he has going on.”

Is DJ Akademiks right?